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SEO Firm Develops Undercover Tool To Track The Social Metrics Of Competitor's Web Pages

Campbell, California, September 22, 2011 - In the war over the top organic search results on Google it is now more important to know what your competitors are up to than ever. The Silicon Valley-based SEO company has developed a tool to track the social metrics of competitor's URLs including Google Plus Ones, Facebook Likes, and Twitter Tweets.

Launched at the SES Hong Kong Conference, a leading search and social marketing event, the company stunned both Google and Facebook executives and initiated the next generation of SEO tools.

Without a social networks tracker it is almost impossible to gather social metrics for competitor’s web pages and use them as an unfair competitive advantage. Facebook, Google, and Twitter use very different system to track the usage of their social plug-ins. And it allows only the owners of the social plug-ins to log into the corresponding website and watch their progress.

"You don't have to install or code anything", says Roland Oberdorfer, CEO of, "you simply type in the URL into the tool and turn on auto-tracking and everything happens automatically." does not track the metrics based on code snippets of the social plug-ins, because they frequently change since Facebook, Google, and Twitter are continuously tuning and modifying them.’s tools is independent from the social networking plug-ins and any changes of the providers.

ABOUT The SEO Keywords Tracker is a Silicon Valley-based start-up widely known for its online SEO tools for keyword ranking allowing SEO managers to measure and view the impacts of their social marketing efforts. The website has been online since 2009 and is tracking thousands of URLs for SEO managers and website owners around the globe.


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