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SEO Firm Uses Social Metrics Tracking Platform To Track Presidential Election

Campbell, California, January 20, 2012 - In an effort to keep voters informed on the popularity of each presidential candidate the Silicon Valley-based SEO company uses its social metrics tracking platform to measure and display the popularity of each candidate over time.

Up-to-date results and comparisons will be available at

"In the era of social networks it is vital for politicians to use social networks to reach voters and keep them updated", says Roland Oberdorfer, CEO of "Our SEO tracking platform allows politicians to track and measure the effectiveness of campaigns across Facebook, Google and Twitter."

Social metrics and social signals become more and more relevant for search engines to determine what results to show to which user. That means that the search results that you see on a search engine might be vastly different than the search results of a person outside of your social circle of friends.

For example, if you type the term "presidential candidate" into Google and most of your friends are fans of Obama, websites related to Obama will be listed on top of the results while another person who's majority of friends are republicans will find republican candidates listed on top of his or her search results.

With the you are able to measure the key social metrics of any URL across the main social networks like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter

ABOUT The SEO Keywords Tracker is a Silicon Valley-based start-up widely known for its online SEO tools for keyword ranking allowing SEO managers to measure and view the impacts of their social marketing efforts. The website has been online since 2009 and is tracking thousands of URLs for SEO managers and website owners around the globe.


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